QUIK Hosting Pricing

Once you order QUIK Hosting, we will setup your operator group in one of our hosted servers within moments. You share the server resources with our other customers. Note that even though you share the resources, your service is secure and isolated from that of other customers using the server and other customers do not have access to any private information including reports and chat transcripts. The fee is determined by the number of operators and features you need.

Please read the QUIK Hosting Service Agreement carefully before ordering.

The price of the service depends on the components and quantities you select. There are 4 components that you can buy while ordering QUIK Hosting. They are:

  1. Concurrent Operators: This is a mandatory component. The price depends on the number of operators allowed to login concurrently and service chat requests. You have 2 choices when purchasing this component. You can either buy (a) a 2-20 operator package or (b) a 20+ operator package. The 20+ operator package has a lower per price per operator compared to the 2-20 operator package.
  2. Mobile Package:  This is an optional component. If you purchase this component, your operators and/or visitors can access the system using mobile and/or tablet devices. Note that the system only allow operators to use tablet devices since the screen size for mobile phones is too small to handle all the operator functions. With a 12 month service agreement, this component is automatically included and you do not have to purchase it separately.
  3. Analytics Package: This is an optional component. If you purchase this comonent, you will receive a weekly report containing the usage data. The report will help you audit the service and plan your service better. With a 12 month service agreement, this component is automatically included and you do not have to purchase it separately.
  4. Integration Package: If you purchase this package, we will provide you access to RESTful web services using which you will be able to integrate your enterprise applications with the QUIK Hosting service. The functionality includes programmatic interface for managing operators, canned messages and black lists as well as access to real-time and historical usage data and transcripts.

To find out how little it will cost you to use QUIK Hosting, use the QUIK Hosting Cost Calculator. Click on the button below to get started.

QUIK Hosting Cost Calculator

Pricing notes:

  1. All prices are in US Dollars (USD). We are unable to accept payment in any other currency at this time.
  2. All QUIK Hosting orders includes unlimited email support and limited phone and SMS support.
  3. You will have sufficient amount of time to try out Ace Operator before buying. Once the order is processed, all fees are non-refundable except for very special cases.
  4. We handle payments and invoicing through PayPal Acceptance Mark . We also accept payment by direct bank transfer or international money order but there is an additional fee for transactions originating outside the United States.

If you need further clarifications on the services and fees, please contact us.


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