QUIK Hosting Service: Data Privacy and Security

The following is a list of the data privacy and security features we offer to all of our hosted customers. We believe that every precaution must be taken to safeguard data, and that is why we have implemented these features and practices. We urge all of our customers to take full advantage of these safety features and contact us to modify, if needed, your configuration settings accordingly.

1. We have implemented the QUIK User Portal where you can search/view transcripts, download reports, and manage your own users among other things. It is very important that you get comfortable with and use these portal features, especially user management. It is imperative that user accounts not be shared among operators.

2. We have instituted tougher password standards as well as shortened (90-day) expiry of passwords.

3. Automatic recovery of forgotten login information (username or password). There is a link for recovering each of those on the operator login popup. No admin action is required – it is handled automatically. This feature only works if operators have their own individual accounts with their actual email address assigned to the account; also, at least two security questions/answers must be defined on the account.

4. Whenever a user’s password has been reset by the administrator, the user will be immediately forced to change the password upon next login to the Ace Operator chat application or to the Portal. This helps keep passwords secure and private.

5. Whenever a user changes their password, s/he will receive an email notification that the action took place to ensure it wasn’t changed by someone else.

6. Use of secured encryption for all communication between users and our server. Not optional.

7. The ability to hide operator information (full name and email address, and/or login ID) from chatting visitors.

8. The ability to completely customize the visitor information (initiate chat) form, in terms of verbiage/text shown, fields present on the form, and validation performed on the fields, as well as look-and-feel. Ideally the form would not include visitor email address or other personal information fields, and links to privacy policies would appear on that page as well as user consent/acknowledge controls.

9. The ability to hide visitor IP Address and Cookie from the operator’s chat window.

10. The ability to obfuscate (encrypt) the visitor IP Address and Email Address (if collected) in the QUIK User Portal for transcripts when viewed by an operator (non-admin). The same feature may optionally be applied to admin users when viewing transcripts in the portal, or not, so that the admins can continue to see visitor IP Address and Email Address (if collected) in portal transcripts. Many administrators use a combination of IP Address and Cookie for blacklisting abusive users.

11. The ability to prevent users from copying parts of the transcript from the chat window and pasting it somewhere else for nefarious use later.

12. The ability to hide from the visitor the fact that his/her call was rejected by the operator (when the operator answers ‘no’ to the incoming chat popup). Instead of the default message to the visitor saying that the chat was declined, the visitor can be sent to the busy/unavailable webpage or any other webpage address set in the group configuration.


At QUIK Computing, we take data privacy and security very seriously. We urge all of our customers to take full advantage of these safety features if you haven’t done so already, so that your data is protected to the fullest extent possible.

You can read our Privacy Policy for further details on how we handle data privacy and security.

Please contact us if you’d like to update your group configuration and settings, and as always, if you have any question or concern.

QUIK Computing Team

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