QUIK Computing Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Nov. 25, 2018

This Privacy Policy applies to the services (QUIK Hosting and chat service) offered by QUIK Computing, Inc.  References to “we,” “our” and “us” refer to QUIK Computing, while “you” and “your” refer to the QUIK Hosting customer or chat user.

Information we collect from you & what it is used for

The information we collect from you is described below and depends on the type of user you are.  However, regardless of the type of user you are:

– your information is collected using a secure (HTTPS) connection between you and our EU-hosted server;
– your information never leaves Europe (except as noted for Customer billing purposes);
– we will not sell or market your email address;
– we never use your information to send you marketing or sales material or any other information unrelated to the service you requested;
– we do not share your information with anyone;
– we do not look at any of your information – chat transcripts, account data, activity reports, etc. unless we must do so in order to resolve a problem, and in that case we do not share it or do anything else with the information;
– we only use your information to provide you with the best hosting or chat service we can.

Chat Visitor

When you visit our Customer’s website and hit the click-to-chat button, before you are connected to a person (Operator), you will be presented with a simple form. The form typically asks you to type in your name or a nickname (it can be anonymous) and any special question or request you have. What exactly is on this form is completely controlled by the Customer whose website you are on. The form could ask you for your email address or other private information, which may or may not be required on the form. The form may have link(s) to privacy policy information and ask you for your explicit consent to data collection. The information you enter on that form is collected along with the entire chat conversation you subsequently have with the Operator. Only the Customer can access that information in our system. Typically the Customer uses that information to better train their operators. However, we have no control over what else they might do with that information or what other system they might put the information into. The Customer should have a privacy policy somewhere on their website that tells you that.
There is one other piece of private information that our system collects from you, automatically, and that is your IP address. This is stored with the chat information described above. Only the Customer administrator can see it. It is intended to be used for one purpose: if you are abusive to the Operators, future chat attempts from you can be automatically blocked. Your IP address may be used to recognize future chats from you, in that case.

Chat Operator

When your administrator (the Customer) creates your Operator account, our system collects the information entered and that includes your first/last name and email address. No other private information is collected. Your name is typically only seen by your administrator and used for account identification purposes. Your email address is typically only seen by your administrator and may be used to send you password change reminders, password change confirmation and password reset emails. However, it’s possible that your Customer configuration allows chatting visitors to see your name and email address. This is unlikely and not recommended, but it is possible and it’s under the control of your administrator. Please ask him/her about it if you are concerned.


When you sign up for our QUIK Hosting service, we collect the information needed to provide the service to you. This information includes your first/last name, email address, phone number (only for emergency use if we need to contact you about the service and can’t reach you otherwise), company name and mailing address (most companies require this on invoices, and this information is not used otherwise), email address of your organization member responsible for billing (used to send invoices/receipts) and email address of your organization member responsible for website/technical duties (if different from yourself). We use this data to create your service account in our server, contact you with important information about the service, and for billing purposes. For billing purposes, we use PayPal located in the U.S. for invoice and receipt generation, and for emailing those items to your billing contact. We have our own private, secured PayPal merchant account where we store only your information that is needed for that purpose. Payment is made either via PayPal or by bank funds transfer, and that is strictly between you and PayPal or you and your bank. We do not collect your bank, money account or credit card information.

How long we keep your information

Chat Visitor: 6 months – at 6 months, your data is purged automatically from our system.
Chat Operator: until your administrator (the Customer) deletes your Operator account.
Customer: upon Service Agreement termination, at which time all Customer, Operator and Visitor data belonging to the Customer is purged – unless Customer requests upon termination for it to remain for up to 30 days for potential service reactivation purposes.


Our use of cookies is limited to a single cookie per Visitor, for the purpose of allowing the Customer to blacklist abusive Visitors as necessary.


We use strict and appropriate security measures to protect your information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access.
Please see our list of implemented privacy and security features.
We request all Customers to also use reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect and secure users’ sensitive and private information.
Because email is not a secure communication, we do not send private data, chat transcripts and activity reports by email unless it is encrypted using OpenPGP (RFC4880). We request that all Customers not send private user or chat data to us by email unless it is encrypted using OpenPGP, and we instruct Customers on how to send/receive encrypted information.
All passwords are encrypted in our database. We cannot read or decrypt any password.

Sub-processors / Third parties

QUIK Computing makes use of third parties only as necessary to make its website and services available. For data privacy and security purposes, we only utilize other companies who adhere to applicable data privacy regulations and who take appropriate security measures and practices to protect data.

Server hosting: We use Time4VPS located in the EU (Lithuania) to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, and other infrastructure required to operate and maintain our hosting server where our chat service, QUIK Hosting sign-up service, user data and all chat data (transcripts and reports) reside. The data never leaves this server, except for nightly backups to an EU-hosted storage service.

Data Backups: We use JottaCloud storage located in Norway for nightly backups. Each backup remains there for less than 7 days.

Web Hosting: We use GoDaddy located in the U.S. (Arizona) for hosting our corporate website. We do not use that facility to collect or store any QUIK Hosting data or chat service data whatsoever.

Email: We use GoDaddy located in the U.S. (Arizona) for sending some emails from our software, such as email confirmation when you sign up for our chat service and payment reminder email when your payment is coming due. However, all email sending of data that could potentially include chat users’ private data (name, email address and IP Address) such as chat transcripts and chat activity reports has been eliminated from our software. That data stays on our EU server and is accessible only to registered, authorized users via our secured (HTTPS) admin portal web application hosted on our EU server where the data resides.

Billing: We use PayPal located in the U.S. (California) for invoice and receipt generation, and for emailing those items to you.


Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to sign up for the QUIK Hosting service. We do not knowingly collect or ask for private information from anyone under the age of 16, or knowingly allow such persons to register for the hosting service.
Age requirements for chat users and special handling of private information for such users varies per Customer and is the responsibility of each Customer. We have no means for enforcing age restrictions on chat users. 

Data Protection and Security Officer

QUIK Computing has appointed a data protection and security officer that can be contacted at:
We are committed to providing a data protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance with the strictest data privacy regulations.


Questions, comments, requests and complaints regarding our privacy policy and practices should be addressed to our Data Protection and Security Officer per the details provided above.

Terms of service

When you order, access and use the QUIK Hosting service as a Customer, you are subject to our Service Agreement and the Disclaimer below.


We disclaim all liability related to Customers’ collection and use of personal and private information gathered through our QUIK Hosting service. While we, as a data processer, ensure that such information is collected, stored and processed in accordance with applicable data privacy regulations and with strict security practices, all data that we collect on behalf of a Customer is wholly owned by that Customer, and it is the Customer’s responsibility (a) to adhere to all data privacy and security recommendations we advise, and (b) to ensure that beyond our scope and efforts, the data is kept safe and secure in accordance with applicable data privacy regulations.

Changes to our privacy policy

This policy may be updated by us periodically, so please check this policy occasionally to ensure you are kept abreast of our latest policies and practices.

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