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Ace Operator is a free software created by QUIK Computing. It is rich in features that can help you offer live click to chat services from your web site. You can download, install and use it without any restrictions. Alternatively, you can let QUIK Computing host the Ace Operator service for you for a small monthly fee. When you buy the QUIK Hosting service from us, we provide the server and network infrastructure and customize the settings for your specific requirements. Your company representatives (operators) will be able to login to the server from anywhere in the world and handle chat sessions from visitors of your web site. All you have to do is to add a one line HTML code to your web pages to add the “Click to Chat” button. In addition, you get a weekly usage report, administration portal and system integration services that are not a part of the open-source package. QUIK Hosting is available in multiple languages, on multiple web browsers, and on multiple environments including mobile, desktop and tablets.

  • Watch a Video Watch a video on a basic operator-visitor interactions.
  • Watch a Video Watch a video on a advanced operator-visitor interactions.
  • Watch a Video Watch a video on how to use the administration application.
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If you need further additional information on the service, please contact us.

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